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Custom GPT chatbot for your website

Create a custom chatGPT for your website with Copilot and let it engage with your users, handle customer support, generate leads and a lot more

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Become an AI-powered team with Copilot.Live

Create your website chatbot in 4 Steps

Connect your data sources

Connect, upload files, or add a website for crawling

Let AI train on your data sources

Your Copilot will use all your data sources to train itself

Customise your

Customise your Copilot to your website colors and branding

Deploy wherever
you want

Add your Copilot on your website or embed as a widget

Get started faster than ever

No Coding Experience Required

Train your chatbot without coding on your custom data such as documents, website links or any other desired channels and give it a persona through prompts
Customise your Copilot to your brand’s look and feel
Add the AI chatbot to your website and let your users engage seamlessly with it

Connect Multiple Data Sources

Create a powerful Copilot with multiple data sources acting as knowledge base
Connect websites, pull data from webhooks, upload docs or add text. Make it look like training chatGPT on your own custom data.
Automated data source syncing for training your Copilot to keep it updated

Provide A Human-Like Experience

Let Copilot interact with your customers on your website and handle queries, provide support, and act like an ask me anything AI
Copilot leverages the latest advancements in generative AI to deliver empathetic and context-aware conversations
Enhance your customer support by creating a custom GPT chatbot with Copilot and exceed customer expectations across channels

Powerful features for your GPT-enabled chatbot

Train from multiple sources

Connect multiple data sources like website links, documents, or more to train your Copilot.

Smart Integrations

Deploy your Copilot as a dedicated webpage or embed it on your website as a widget.


Tailor your chatbot's appearance to match your website's style and branding.

Robust Security & Data Privacy

Ensuring data security with encryption, access controls, and anonymization.

Automatic Data Source Syncing

Make your Copilot automatically learn and stay updated with your data sources.

Customer Analytics

Get insights into your Copilot interactions and enable data-driven decision making .

50+ Languages

Communicate with your customers using their preferred language, regardless of the language of your data.

Powerful AI Models

Pick from different AI models, including GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4.


Q. What is and how does it work?

A. is a platform where you can create Copilots. Think of a Copilot as  your own chatGPT enabled chatbot for which you don't need to learn coding. These Copilots use the data you provide and can help you answer questions by simply interacting with them. Moreover, you can embed these chatbots on your website for better user engagement.

Q. What are data sources and what all can we connect?

A. A data source a set of information which you provide to Copilot which it then uses to answer any query thrown at it while interacting with it. You can upload a document for Copilot to scan through, or add a website link to crawl, or even add text manually to act as a data source. Moreover, you can connect your Google Drive, Git Hub repository, Quip files and folders as data sources. We're soon coming up with Notion Pages and Webflow Applications as data sources as well. Stay tuned!

Q. How does Copilot understand my commands?

A. CoPilot uses advanced NLP techniques to analyze your commands and extract the relevant information and intent. Then, it uses APIs and web scraping to interact with the SaaS platform and perform the desired task.

Q. How to add Copilot on my website?

A. Once your Copilot is made, you can simply go to 'Deploy' section on the navigation bar of your Copilot. From there, you can either publish your chatbot as a dedicated webpage or get an embed code to embed it on your website. For any queries, you can write to