Unify teams & revolutionise
with Copilot.Live

Unify teams & revolutionise Performance with Copilot.Live

Accelerate your business with Copilot.Live, the all-in-one solution that unifies your verticals, empowering you to gain instant insights with unrivalled speed and efficiency

10x productivity on a single click
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Transforming the way product companies operate across all verticals and domains!

Maximize productivity with Copilot.Live's AI-powered assistance, tailored to your organization's unique needs for enhanced performance

Web Copilot

Always online, Web Copilot.Live assists and empowers your online experience

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Design Copilot

Empower your design process with AI-powered insights

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Dev Copilot

Drive innovation and accelerate every stage of development

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Whatsapp Copilot

Your go to WhatsApp assistant

Coming Soon
Mobile Copilot

Utilize the entire product suite conveniently from your phone

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Coming Soon
Task Management Copilot

Streamline and optimise project management processes

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Coming Soon
Coming Soon
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Seamless app integrations for enhanced collaboration

Connect Copilot.Live with your product suite to streamline work and automate workflows

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Access and share information across multiple platforms in real-time
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Boost productivity with centralised communication and task management
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Gain real-time visibility and control over projects
AI-powered web assistance for effective online presence

Simplify web development, create engaging content, and leverage data-driven optimisation with our web Copilot.Live

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Streamline web development with UI wireframes and design systems
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AI-generated content for engaging website experiences
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Optimize performance, analyze user behavior, and drive conversions with actionable insights
Intelligent mobile assistance on the go

Stay updated on project statuses across verticals with ease using simple prompts, keeping you on top of everything

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Access project status, resolve issues anytime, anywhere
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Summarise documents for key insights and learnings
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Monitor key performance metrics and work towards success
Accelerate development, foster innovation

Streamline processes, improve code quality and empower your engineers with Development Copilot

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Works seamlessly with any code editor
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Develop frontend & backend and write unit test cases
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Error correction, auto-complete, detailed documentation support
Optimise projects with simple prompts

Copilot.Live gives you complete control over your project, enabling roadblock identification, resolution, and data-driven decision-making

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Create comprehensive reports and insightful charts
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Gain actionable insights into performance, user feedback, and trends
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Create and read tickets, track progress, and ensure timely delivery
Create user-centric designs instantly

Design Copilot helps teams collaborate, iterate, and make AI-driven designs with just a prompt

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Generate customisable wireframes and UX copy using prompts
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Create Design Systems for visual consistency across teams
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Work with multiple teams, iterate and assign tasks with ease
Improved observability, improved performance

Infrastructure Copilot unifies your teams, tools, and data and helps you observe the Full-Stack with just a prompt.

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Monitor key metrics, track deviations, response time, and errors
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Visualise relationships between infrastructure and product performance
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Optimise resource utilisation and cost-efficiency
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copilot use case  illustration illustrations

Empowering scalability across verticals

Copilot.Live simplifies the process of scaling your digital assets, making it easier to accommodate increased traffic and user demands

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Generate implement ready logic structure
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Capture user flows, user stories from feature requirement documents
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Create design files in Figma, Adobe XD alike

Access 6 verticals in just 1 interface

Maximize your business productivity

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Real-time Data

Actionable insights through intuitive dashboards and visualizations.

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Collaboration Hub & Asset Sharing

Seamless team collaboration with integrated chat, task assignment, and file sharing.

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Efficient Resource Allocation

Optimize resource allocation and track workloads for maximum productivity.

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Proactive Risk Management

Real-time risk tracking and issue resolution for smooth project execution.

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Knowledge Base & Documentation

Centralize information, knowledge resources, and best practices for easy access.

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Performance Metrics Tracking

Monitor and enhance departmental performance with customizable metrics.

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Department-Specific Copilots

Customize AI insights to fulfil departmental requirements with tailored precision.

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Robust Security & Data Privacy

Ensuring data security with encryption, access controls, and anonymization.


Find answers to common questions about CoPilot and how it can benefit your website and app conversion process

Q. What is Copilot.live and how does it work?

A. CoPilot.live is a platform where you can create your own CoPilot that can integrate with your website or SaaS product and can help users perform tasks on your product/website by just taking a command using natural language processing (NLP).

Q. What are some examples of commands that Copilot can understand and execute?

A. CoPilot can do variety of tasks depending on the SaaS platform you are using. For example, it can help you can curate content for blog, get insights on things happening on SaaS product, write database queries for you, etc.

Q. How does CoPilot understand my commands?

A. CoPilot uses advanced NLP techniques to analyze your commands and extract the relevant information and intent. Then, it uses APIs and web scraping to interact with the SaaS platform and perform the desired task.

Q. Is CoPilot secure & reliable?

A. Yes, CoPilot is secure and reliable. CoPilot does not store any of your personal or sensitive data. It only accesses SaaS platform  you are using with your permission and authorization. It also has error handling and feedback mechanisms to ensure that your commands are executed correctly and efficiently.