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16 Best AI Code Generators in 2024 (Paid and Free)


Embarking on a journey through the programming landscape, we find ourselves amidst an era brimming with the marvels of artificial intelligence. The orchestrations of generative AI solutions have not only revolutionized accessibility but also elevated innovation to new heights, especially in the realm of code generation. Welcome to the realm of "16 AI Code Generator Tools in 2024," a captivating exploration into the boundless possibilities these tools bring to the fingertips of programmers.

In a world where creativity meets efficiency, these AI code generators serve as the virtuoso, transcending traditional boundaries. Whether crafting intricate artwork or composing lines of code, these tools embody the epitome of technological prowess. Over the past decade, their growth has outpaced every technological trend, shaping how we work and evolving the field of software development.

As we delve into this transformative journey, it's evident that developers worldwide are embracing AI coding tools as indispensable companions. This blog post aims to unravel the intricacies of the top AI code generators in 2024, shedding light on their benefits, noteworthy features, and the practical aspects of integration. Join us in navigating the exciting landscape of artificial intelligence and discover which AI code generator is poised to redefine your coding experience.

What are AI Code Generator?

AI Code Generators are ingenious computer programs fueled by artificial intelligence, designed to be allies in the coding realm. Picture this: these digital collaborators swiftly generate code as you type, offering prompts or even completing lines automatically. Their prowess extends beyond the confines of a single programming language; they effortlessly translate code between languages, making them versatile tools for developers.

Consider an AI code generator as your programming assistant, working tirelessly to elevate your coding experience. It doesn't just stop at writing code; it's a multifaceted companion. Like an ai code generator in Python, these tools employ machine learning techniques to create code autonomously. The result? Swift, precise coding with the bonus of reducing the monotony of repetitive tasks. Whether fluent in Python, Java, or HTML, an AI code generator is your ally, providing snippets and streamlining your coding journey. Embrace the future of coding with these intelligent assistants, where efficiency meets innovation.

Why Use an AI Code Generator?

In the dynamic realm of software development, the emergence of AI code generators has become a beacon of efficiency, empowering developers to unleash their full potential. These groundbreaking tools offer many benefits, reshaping the coding landscape and revolutionizing the development process.

Advantages of Using an AI Code Generator:

1. Time-Saving Marvel:

The foremost advantage lies in the ability to generate code swiftly. By automating routine coding tasks and test writing, AI code generators liberate developers to focus on the intricacies of creative problem-solving.

2. Accelerated Development:

AI-powered code generators automate the coding process, significantly reducing development timelines. They swiftly produce functional code tailored to specifications, making them invaluable for rapid development or time-sensitive projects.

3. Adherence to Standards:

Trained on diverse code sources, AI code generators ensure the production of code that aligns with industry standards. The result is code that is not only functional but also clean, fostering collaboration and maintainability.

4. Vigilant Defenders:

Acting as vigilant sentinels, AI code generators detect flaws early in the development phase, sparing developers the arduous task of debugging. They enhance code quality by offering guidance on constructing practical, feasible, and secure code.

5. Democratizing Coding:

AI-powered code generators democratize coding, bridging the skills gap and making coding more accessible to a broader audience. This accessibility empowers users to design their applications, fostering innovation across diverse industries.

Embrace the transformative power of AI code generators—where efficiency meets innovation and developers are empowered to navigate the complexities of coding with unparalleled ease.

Best AI Code Generators

In the realm of AI code generators, two formidable players stand out, each wielding transformative capabilities. First and foremost is Copilot.live, a trailblazer in the field, promising a seamless coding experience. Following closely is OpenAI Codex, a powerhouse trained on vast code repositories, boasting proficiency in over 12 programming languages. Built upon the foundation of LLMs, specifically GPT-3 and GPT-4, from OpenAI, Codex emerges as a versatile tool for writing programs across a spectrum of languages, including Go, TypeScript, Perl, PHP, BASH, Ruby, JavaScript, and Swift. With its roots deeply embedded in trillions of lines of publicly available code, Codex exemplifies the epitome of AI prowess in code generation.

1. Copilot.live: Elevating Your Productivity with AI-Powered Assistance.

CoPilot.live introduces a revolutionary approach to AI-powered assistance, providing businesses and individuals with quick, precise, and context-aware support. The platform offers a range of plans, starting with the "Welcome Plan," allowing users to experience their first personalized CoPilot for free. The "Standard Plan," priced at $20, enables the creation of up to three CoPilots, along with additional features like customizable themes and scheduled Datasource Sync. For bespoke solutions, the "Custom Plan" is available, allowing tailored configurations based on unique requirements.


  • Versatile Plans: From the complimentary "Welcome Plan" to the advanced "Standard Plan" and personalized "Custom Plan."
  • Diverse CoPilots: Explore specialized CoPilots like "Web CoPilot," "Design CoPilot," "Dev CoPilot," "WhatsApp CoPilot," "Mobile CoPilot," and "Task Management CoPilot."
  • Enhanced Features: The "Standard Plan" includes customizable themes, scheduled Datasource Sync, and increased quotas for CoPilots and queries.


Welcome Plan: Your first personalised CoPilot – Absolutely Free!

  • 1 Copilot
  • Connect unlimited data sources
  • Train on up to 500,000 characters
  • 40 message credits
  • Deploy on unlimited websites
  • Upload multiple files
  • View conversation history
  • Copilots get deleted after 30 days of inactivity

Standard Plan: Create up to 3 personalised CoPilots with the pro plan - $19 (Most Popular)

  • 3 Copilots
  • Connect unlimited data sources
  • Train on up to 12,000,000 characters
  • 3000 message credits
  • Deploy on unlimited websites
  • Upload multiple files
  • View conversation history
  • Copilots stay forever. No deletion upon inactivity.
  • Customise your own theme
  • Automated data source syncing
  • Capture leads (Coming Soon)
  • WhatsApp integration (Coming Soon)
  • Slack integration (Coming Soon)

Pro Plan: Create more personalised Copilots with advanced features- $79

  • 6 Copilots
  • Connect unlimited data sources
  • Train on up to 60,000,000 characters
  • 12,000 message credits
  • Deploy on unlimited websites
  • Upload multiple files
  • View conversation history
  • Copilots stay forever. No deletion upon inactivity.
  • Customise your own theme
  • Automated data source syncing
  • Capture leads (Coming Soon)
  • WhatsApp integration (Coming Soon)
  • Slack integration (Coming Soon)

Custom Plan: Tailor-made solutions for your unique needs - Custom (Request Quote)

  • Custom no. of Copilots
  • Connect unlimited data sources
  • Train on custom number of characters
  • Custom no. of message credits
  • Deploy on unlimited websites
  • Upload multiple files
  • View conversation history
  • Copilots stay forever. No deletion upon inactivity.
  • Customise your own theme
  • Automated data source syncing
  • Capture leads (Coming Soon)
  • WhatsApp integration (Coming Soon)
  • Slack integration (Coming Soon)

CoPilot.live transforms the way businesses operate, maximizing productivity through its versatile AI-powered CoPilots tailored for diverse organizational needs.

2. OpenAI Codex: Revolutionizing Programming with AI Precision

OpenAI Codex, an advanced iteration of the acclaimed GPT-3, takes the realm of AI coding to new heights. Now available through its API in private beta, this powerful AI system translates natural language into functional code, marking a significant leap in the intersection of language understanding and code execution. Proficient in over a dozen programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Swift, and TypeScript, Codex boasts a robust memory of 14KB for Python code, enabling it to incorporate extensive contextual information while executing tasks.


  • Versatility in Languages: Codex's proficiency extends beyond Python, covering a wide array of programming languages, making it a versatile tool for developers across domains.
  • Memory Enhancement: With a memory capacity three times that of its predecessor GPT-3, Codex excels in understanding natural language prompts while producing functional code.
  • Natural Language Interface: Codex enables the creation of a natural language interface to existing applications, allowing users to issue commands in English to interact with software via API.
  • General-Purpose Programming Model: As a general-purpose programming model, Codex proves adaptable to a myriad of programming tasks, from transpilation to code explanation and refactoring.


OpenAI Codex is currently in private beta, offered for free during the initial period. OpenAI aims to scale up its availability swiftly, building on the safety measures established with GPT-3. The platform remains committed to reviewing applications, incrementally expanding access, and collaborating closely with developers to comprehend the impact of this cutting-edge technology on the programming landscape.

3. Tabnine: Empowering Developers with Intelligent Code Assistance

Tabnine stands as a trusted AI assistant, propelling development teams to new heights of productivity and efficiency. With over 30% code automation, Tabnine acts as a private, secure, and compliant partner in the coding journey. Trusted by millions of developers globally, Tabnine offers features that adapt to your codebase, ensuring a seamless and secure coding experience.


  • Code Completion Excellence: TabNine provides impressive code completion functionality, ensuring developers experience fewer bugs and faster code reviews. It supports whole-line and full-function code completions, making coding tasks a breeze.
  • Language Versatility: Adaptability is key, and Tabnine reflects this by seamlessly integrating with the most popular modern IDEs. Whether you're working with Python, Java, or Node.js, Tabnine is designed to enhance your coding experience across various languages.
  • Enterprise Endorsement: Backed by testimonials from industry giants like LG Electronics and CI&T, Tabnine has catalyzed increased developer productivity. CI&T, for instance, witnessed a remarkable 11% increase in productivity across projects.
  • Secure and Compliant: Tabnine places a premium on security and compliance. It operates in fully isolated mode, offering options for secured SaaS, on-premise, or on your VPC. It eliminates privacy risks by not training on your code unless you choose to connect your codebase.
  • AI-Powered Assistance: Tabnine's AI assistant learns from permissive open-source repositories, ensuring it reflects your organization's knowledge. It can be locally adapted to your codebase without exposing your code, combining universal knowledge with your coding styles and best practices.



  • Basic code completion
  • 1 user
  • Free


  • Best universal AI models
  • Up to 100 users
  • $12 per user per month


  • Custom and private AI models
  • Unlimited users
  • Contact for pricing

Tabnine emerges as an AI assistant that not only accelerates coding tasks but also ensures the delivery of high-quality code. With its easy integration and powerful features, Tabnine is a valuable ally for developers aiming to deliver faster, mitigate tech debt, and achieve more in their coding endeavors.

4. CodeT5: Empowering Developers with AI-Generated Code

CodeT5 stands out as a user-friendly and accessible AI code generator, offering developers worldwide a platform to effortlessly generate AI-driven code for their specific projects. As a free online AI code generator, CodeT5 employs natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques to analyze project requirements and deliver optimal code using pre-trained models.


  • Graphical Interface: CodeT5 provides a straightforward graphical interface, seamlessly integrated through GitHub documentation, ensuring developers can easily navigate and utilize the platform.
  • Function Completion: The tool excels in completing entire functions based on the target function name, streamlining the coding process and enhancing productivity.
  • Natural Language Summaries: CodeT5 goes beyond code generation, offering written descriptions in natural language for function summaries. This feature enhances code understanding and documentation.


  • Comprehensive Language Support: CodeT5 boasts the ability to produce high-quality code snippets with support for various programming languages, making it a versatile tool for developers across domains.
  • Text-to-Code Generation: The platform excels in text-to-code generation, enabling developers to seamlessly translate natural language project requirements into functional code snippets.
  • Code Autocompletion and Summarization: CodeT5 goes beyond simple code generation, offering features like code autocompletion and summarization, streamlining the coding workflow.


CodeT5 is committed to accessibility and is offered as a free AI code generator for all developers. The platform provides an inclusive environment where developers can harness the power of AI-generated code without any financial barriers.

5. Polycoder: Elevating Code Generation with AI Brilliance

In the dynamic world of software development, Polycoder emerges as a trailblazer in AI-driven code generation. Tailored for specific programming tasks, this open-source gem stands at the forefront of innovation, offering developers a sophisticated tool to streamline their coding endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Task-Specific Precision: Polycoder excels in generating precise code snippets, aligning with specific programming tasks, enhancing developers' efficiency.
  • Multilingual Proficiency: With pre-trained models supporting 12 programming languages, including PHP, C, JavaScript, and Python, Polycoder ensures versatile language support.
  • Continuous Enhancement: Backed by datasets exceeding 200GB from GitHub, Polycoder undergoes continuous model updates, staying at the cutting edge of AI-driven code generation.
  • Community-Driven Evolution: Developers actively contribute to Polycoder's improvement, introducing new languages, enriching datasets, and refining natural language understanding.


  • Versatile Language Support: Polycoder caters to a diverse developer audience by accommodating various programming languages.
  • Precise Code Generation: The tool's focus on task-specific precision ensures that developers receive accurate and relevant code snippets.
  • Active Community Engagement: Polycoder thrives on community collaboration, benefiting from the collective expertise of developers worldwide.
  • Accessible Pricing Model: Embracing an open pricing model, Polycoder offers its transformative AI capabilities to developers free of charge.


Polycoder embraces an open and accessible pricing model, offering its AI-powered code generation capabilities free of charge. As a beacon of inclusivity, Polycoder enables developers worldwide to harness the transformative potential of AI in their coding pursuits.

6. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot, an enterprise-ready AI coding assistant, is the sought-after competitive edge for developers, proven to increase productivity by enabling coding 55% faster. Crafted by AI leaders, it instills confidence in developers, committed to privacy and security. Embraced by 37,000 businesses, including 1 in 3 Fortune 500 companies, it has become the industry standard since its availability in December 2022. 

GitHub Copilot empowers engineers as force multipliers, exemplified by Duolingo's success. In the Stack Overflow 2023 Survey, it garnered a 55% preference among developers, showcasing its transformative impact. GitHub Copilot stands at the forefront, revolutionizing software development, and providing a preferred solution for enterprises and developers globally.


  • Smart Coding Assistance: Transforms coding workflows by serving as an intelligent coding companion.Provides real-time suggestions, boosting efficiency and saving development time.
  • Enhanced Code Quality and Security: Instills developer confidence through smart code suggestions that enhance overall code quality.Features a real-time vulnerability prevention system, blocking insecure coding patterns.
  • Facilitates Collaboration and Communication: Functions as an invaluable team member, allowing developers to seek general or specific programming guidance.Improves collaboration by explaining code snippets and suggesting enhancements.
  • Real-Time AI-Driven Suggestions: Delivers instant code completions as developers type.Converts natural language prompts into coding suggestions, aligning with project context and style conventions.
  • Advanced Copilot Enterprise Features: Customized documentation with personalized answers and inline citations.Tracks and summarizes pull requests, telling a cohesive story for efficient review.Fine-tuned models for tailored solutions, enabling users to personalize Copilot for precision.
  • CLI Integration: Assists directly in the terminal through the Command Line Interface, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Multi-Editor Support: GitHub Copilot expands its support to GitHub Mobile, facilitating coding on the move.Seamlessly integrates with popular code editors like Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Neovim, and JetBrains IDEs.


For Organizations:

  • Copilot Business:
  • $19 per user/month
  • Features include code completions, chat in IDE and Mobile, CLI assistance, security vulnerability filter, code referencing, public code filter, IP indemnity, enterprise-grade security, safety, and privacy
  • Available from Feb 2024
  • Copilot Enterprise:
  • $39 per user/month
  • Includes all Copilot Business features, plus chat personalized to your codebase, documentation search and summaries, pull request summaries, code review skills, and fine-tuned models
  • Requires GitHub Enterprise Cloud

For Individuals:

  • Copilot Individual:
  • $10 per month / $100 per year
  • Free for verified students, teachers, and maintainers of popular open source projects.

7. GhostWriter Replit

Ghostwriter becomes your coding companion, accelerating and enhancing your programming experience. Uncover all the insights on leveraging Ghostwriter to streamline your coding process, elevate its quality, and infuse an element of enjoyment. Once you embrace Ghostwriter, there's no turning back—it transforms your coding journey into a faster, more efficient, and enjoyable endeavor.


  • Replit AI Integration: Debug, autocomplete, and convert natural language into code with Replit AI.Meet Ghostwriter, your coding partner.
  • Project Building: Create games with Kaboom.js and PyGame.Build a Chat App, and static site generator, and explore creative coding.
  • Blockchain and Web Dev: Develop on Ethereum with Solidity.Master HTML, CSS, JS; create Space Invaders and 3D scenes.Build a Robot NFT and Discord Role Bot.
  • Data Management and Apps: Generate PDF reports; build a CRM app with Node.js.
  • Zero Setup and Deployment: Start projects instantly with zero setup.Deploy with custom domains effortlessly.
  • Live Collaboration: Collaborate in real-time from anywhere, on any device.
  • Power-Up Your Projects: Accelerate coding with AI assistance.Boost speed, storage, and memory.Ensure continuous app running with Power-Ups.
  • Learning Resources: Access step-by-step tutorials for hands-on learning.


Limited Time Offer:

  • Save $100 on annual Replit membership.

Starter Plan (Free):

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Basic workspace with limited Replit AI
  • Community support

Replit Core ($120/year or $220/year):

  • Ambitious individuals.
  • Unlimited AI chat responses.
  • Access to advanced AI models.
  • More powerful workspace.
  • Unlimited private projects.
  • Member support.

Teams (Custom Pricing):

  • Customized for teams.
  • Includes Replit Core features.
  • Centralized billing, onboarding, and support.
  • Enhanced AI access and expanded resources.


  • Autoscale (Starting at $0.000024/second):
  • Billed based on resource usage.
  • 6 million compute units included in Replit Core.
  • Additional charges for compute units and requests.
  • Reserved VM (Starting at $7/month):
  • Flat monthly fee with 99.9% uptime.
  • Cost varies based on selected machine power.

Static (Free):

  • Free for Replit Core users.
  • No server computer for static sites.
  • Up to 100 static sites included.

8. Seek

Introducing Seek, the AI code generator transforming coding for developers with customizable "code snippets." Ideal for instant SQL query creation, Seekai.tools, developed by Stanford PhDs and Google AI scientists, powers Seek with a unique algorithm. Seek liberates business users and empowers data science teams by offering independent querying of datasets. Embrace Seek for streamlined coding, increased efficiency, and critical insights, revolutionizing the approach to data analysis.


  • Intelligent Analytics Automation: Deep-learning converts natural language to SQL.Built-in knowledge base for learning and improving.
  • High Accuracy: Patented Workflow(TM) tech minimizes inaccuracies.
  • Designed for Simplicity: Chat interface simplifies complex data queries for non-tech users.
  • No More Data Barriers: Get insights 60x faster than industry average.
  • Private & Secure: SOC 2 Type II Compliant for data privacy.Integrates with major data warehouses seamlessly.
  • Data Warehouse Integrations: Compatible with Slack and Microsoft Teams.Engineered for growth-minded companies.
  • Conversational Engine: Business users ask questions directly in Slack, Teams, and email.
  • Smart Analytics, Effortless: Transform natural language to SQL for quick insights.Seek knowledge base evolves for sharper intelligence.
  • Precision Matters: Patented Workflow(TM) reduces inaccuracies for data analysts.
  • Simplicity in Action: User-friendly chat interface for easy data queries.
  • Swift, Secure, Compatible: Get 60x faster answers.Assured data privacy (SOC 2 Type I Compliant).Seamless integration with major data warehouses.
  • Seek AI Tools's Core Features: Unique algorithm for precise user needs.Community for AI tool development.Advanced search functionality.Wide range of AI tools with filtering options.


Seek provides a trial version at no cost, and pricing details are not currently available.


AI2SQL, a powerful and user-friendly platform, transforms SQL query generation with natural language, catering to developers, data analysts, and database administrators. Streamlining database management and data analysis, this artificial intelligence system analyzes and converts natural language queries into SQL statements, offering a seamless experience for those working with databases. 

Designed for simplicity, it facilitates the quick creation of complex queries without the need for extensive SQL expertise. AI2SQL stands as a cutting-edge technology, aiming to make data access and analysis easier for users without requiring advanced technical knowledge of SQL, enhancing efficiency in database interactions.


  • Automated Query Creation: AI2SQL automatically generates SQL queries from natural language input, saving time for developers and minimizing errors.
  • Flexibility Across Database Systems: A versatile solution supporting various database management systems, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement: AI2SQL learns from user comments and corrections, progressively enhancing accuracy and generating more specific SQL queries over time.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Provides an intuitive interface for users, allowing easy modification of SQL queries to adapt the tool to individual needs.
  • User-Friendly Design: Simple and user-friendly design ensures ease of use, enabling users to get started with minimal instruction.


Start Plan - $9/month:

  • Supports SQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.
  • Generates 100 SQL queries/month, 10 tables limit.
  • Includes SQL Utilities, Formula Translator, ChatGPT Plugin.
  • 7-Day Free Trial.

Pro Plan - $19/month:

  • Supports extensive databases.
  • Generates 300 SQL queries/month, 50 tables limit.
  • Includes Connectors, ER Diagram Schema Assistance.
  • 7-Day Free Trial.

Business Plan - $24/month:

  • Supports diverse databases, unlimited queries, and tables.
  • Includes Connectors, SQL Utilities, Formula Translator.
  • Team collaboration (up to 5 members).
  • 7-Day Free Trial.

Discounted Annual Plans:

  • Start: $7/month.
  • Pro: $17/month.
  • Save up to 35% with annual plans.

General Features:

  • Monthly billing, cancel anytime.
  • Chat Support, SQL Utilities, Formula Translator.
  • Enjoy savings with annual plans and a 7-Day Free Trial.

10. Code by Sourcegraph

Cody, the embedded AI coding helper, revolutionizes coding by seamlessly finding, deciphering, and generating code using Large Language Models and Sourcegraph expertise. By reducing manual labor, Cody empowers programmers to stay focused and efficient. Its unique strength lies in contextual comprehension, providing insightful comments. Sourcegraph, a code intelligence platform, complements Cody by facilitating developers in answering code-related questions through comprehensive searches and understanding across organizational codebases. The platform's tools, including Code Search, enhance developer productivity by swiftly addressing tasks like finding, fixing, and onboarding to new code.



  • Efficient Code Search: Reuse high-quality code across languages and repositories.Resolve issues swiftly with precise searches.
  • Code Navigation: Accelerate onboarding with cross-repository navigation.Enhance code reviews and understand unfamiliar code.
  • Batch Changes Automation: Automate large-scale code changes with Code Search.Track changeset lifecycle status for efficiency.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Visualize data with Sourcegraph Code Search.Track migrations, deprecations, security, and code health.
  • Compatibility and Deployment:Compatible with various code hosts, languages, and tools.Deployment options include Kubernetes, Amazon EKS, Google GKE, etc.

Cody - AI Code Assistant:

  • Efficient AI Coding: Cody predicts input, delivering streamlined code snippets.Automated code reviews enhance code quality.
  • Language Versatility: Cody functions globally across all languages.
  • Security and Privacy:Strong AWS encryption and SOC II compliance for data protection.


Free Tier:

  • Best for hobbyists.
  • 500 Autocompletions per month.
  • 20 Messages and Commands per month.
  • Personalization for small codebases.

Pro Plan - $9/month:

  • Unlimited Autocompletions and Messages.
  • Personalization for larger codebases.
  • Multiple LLM choices for chat.
  • Default LLMs for Commands and Autocomplete.
  • Free until February 2024, no credit card needed.

Enterprise (Coming Soon):

  • Unlimited Autocompletions and Messages.
  • Advanced personalization for enterprise codebases.
  • Flexible LLM choices, BYO LLM key (experimental).
  • Enterprise features: Support, deployment options, admin, security features.
  • Guardrails (coming soon).

11. MutableAI

Mutable.ai transforms code development with AI integration, offering features like AI code generation, code explanations, bug suggestions, and progress report generation. It supports various programming languages, enhancing efficiency and joy in software development. Designed for seamless cloud integration, Mutable.ai is a powerful tool for streamlined and intelligent coding experiences, making it the future of code development.


  • Codebase chat and semantic search for easy code navigation.
  • Multi-file edit allows for efficient refactoring and major feature additions or removal of unused code.
  • AI-powered test generation, including integration testing, alleviates the burden of writing tests.
  • Repo intelligence features, such as auto bug detection and auto wiki creation, enhance codebase management.
  • Capability to turn the codebase into a Wikipedia-style article with citations.
  • Identification of high severity bugs in the codebase.
  • Auto Standup to keep track of teammates' work seamlessly.



  • Price: Free (get started and pay later).
  • Features: Manual Suggestions, 500 Codebase chat & search queries, 50 Multi File edit calls, All platforms: VS Code + JetBrains + WebApp + CLI, Auto Standup, Auto Wiki, Auto Bug.

Codebase Pro:

  • Price: $25/m or $250/yr (save $50).
  • Features: Automatic suggestions, 10,000 Codebase chat & search queries, 1,000 Multi File edit calls, All platforms: VS Code + JetBrains + WebApp + CLI, Auto Standup (up to 40k tokens or 4 medium-sized codebases and up to 4 teammates), Auto Wiki, Auto Bug.

Codebase Elite:

  • Price: $50/m or $500/yr (save $100).
  • Features: Automatic suggestions, 10,000 Codebase chat & search queries, 1,000 Multi File edit calls, All platforms: VS Code + JetBrains + WebApp + CLI, Auto Standup (up to 10 medium-sized codebases and 25 teammates changes), Auto Wiki (up to 1M tokens or 10 medium-sized codebases per month), Auto Bug (up to 1M tokens or 10 medium-sized codebases per month).


  • Pricing: Contact us for site license info.
  • Features: All features included, AI-based Integration Testing + Dashboard, Enterprise support & training, Fine Tuning, On-Prem Functionality.

12. The Future of Coding with AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) reshapes the coding landscape, developers leveraging tools such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, and the forthcoming GPT-5 gain a competitive edge in the job market. The ability to generate code swiftly from program descriptions underscores the efficiency AI brings to development. Yet, human coders' inventive and problem-solving prowess remains unmatched by AI. To stay at the forefront, developers must seamlessly integrate AI tools into their workflows. This strategic adoption ensures ongoing competitiveness in the job market and safeguards their programming expertise.


  • AI Code Generation Efficiency: Tools like Copilot, CodeQL, and Codex enhance coding efficiency.Reduce time spent on documentation and Stack Overflow.
  • Versatility and Accessibility: AI caters to both experienced developers and coding novices.Fosters technological democratization for diverse skill levels.
  • Role of AI in Coding: Leverages machine learning to streamline coding.Automates tasks, allowing focus on creative aspects.
  • Enhanced Developer Productivity: Offers intelligent code suggestions and auto-completion.Shortens development cycles for faster time-to-market.
  • Improved Code Quality: Advanced code analysis and debugging capabilities.Results in higher-quality software with fewer vulnerabilities.
  • Democratizing Coding Skills: Lowers entry barriers for aspiring developers.Provides guidance for individuals with varying coding experience.


By harnessing the power of AI, you'll be equipped to navigate the complexities of the digital marketplace with confidence. The result is a more agile, responsive, and data-driven approach to pricing, leading to more nuanced pricing strategies that align with both your customer and market dynamics.

13. DeepCode

DeepCode, an innovative AI-driven code review tool, revolutionizes the software development landscape by aiding programmers in real-time defect and security hole identification and resolution. Developed by experts in machine learning and software engineering, DeepCode stands out for its practical suggestions that enhance code quality and safety. In the dynamic realm of software development, where maintaining high-quality code is paramount, DeepCode leverages the power of AI to streamline the process, offering developers a tool to write robust and secure code effortlessly.


  • DeepCode AI Security Platform: DeepCode AI, integral to the Snyk platform, employs multiple models curated by top security researchers, ensuring robustAI-driven security for developers.
  • Versatile Applications Management: The system offers centralized management for training, content, applications, and forms, streamlining processes for effective administration.
  • Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting: Deep insights into performance metrics, web traffic, and link management are provided, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Permission Control and SEO Optimization: Efficiently manage user permissions, ensuring secure access, while also offering SEO management for optimized online presence.
  • DeepCode AI Productivity Enhancement: DeepCode AI not only enhances security but also boosts developer productivity with one-click security fixes and comprehensive app coverage.
  • Trustworthy AI Development: Developers can trust the specialized DeepCode AI, built and refined by top-tier researchers, utilizing training data from millions of open-source projects.
  • Hybrid AI Scanning Accuracy: The hybrid AI approach of DeepCode ensures unmatched scanning accuracy without hallucinations, setting it apart in the realm of secure code development.



  • $0 per dev/month
  • Individual developers, small teams
  • Unlimited developers, limited tests


  • $5.99/month
  • Individual developers
  • Unlimited tests, license compliance, Jira integration


  • Starting at $25/month per product
  • Development teams
  • Up to 10 developers, monthly/annual billing, unlimited tests, license compliance, Jira integration


  • Contact sales for pricing
  • Organizations
  • Unlimited tests, license compliance, Jira integration, rich API, reports, custom user roles

14. Kite

Kite, the AI-powered coding tools startup, is ceasing operations and opting for an open-source approach. Known for its AI programming assistant within Visual Studio Code, Kite accelerates code writing by minimizing keystrokes and providing timely information. Supporting major programming languages, including Python, Java, and JavaScript, Kite aimed to enhance efficiency across diverse domains such as Data Science, Analytics, Digital Marketing, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence under KITE-Ai Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The decision to open-source its solution reflects a shift in strategy for the company.


  • Machine Learning-Powered Completions: Kite utilizes machine learning models trained on 25 million open-source code files for context-aware code completions. It operates locally, ensuring code privacy.
  • Instant Code Documentation: Kite offers instant documentation for the symbol under the cursor, saving time on Python docs search (JavaScript docs not yet available).
  • System Requirements: Compatible with macOS 10.11+, Windows 7+, or Linux, and Visual Studio Code v1.28.0+. Requires the Kite Engine.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Kite guarantees cost-effective programming solutions with a focus on quality deliverables.
  • Biometric Services: Specializes in biometric services.
  • Statistical Programming: Expertise in statistical programming.
  • Biostatistics: Offers comprehensive understanding of biostatistics for life sciences, healthcare, and scientific research.
  • Data Management: Manages the collection, validation, cleaning, and compliance of clinical trial data.


Free Plan:

  • Cost: Free
  • Usage: Unlimited
  • Includes: Python completions ranked by relevance, Python documentation in the Kite Copilot app, JavaScript multi-line completions.

Pro Plan:

  • Cost: $200 USD (annual subscription)
  • Includes:
  • All features in the Free plan.
  • Multi-Line Completions for Python boilerplate code.
  • Line-of-Code Completions for Python using Kite's latest deep learning models.

Enterprise Plan:

  • Cost: Contact for a quote
  • Includes:
  • Host Kite's largest ML models on your own server for enhanced power, performance, and security.
  • Contact Kite for a demo of Enterprise features.

15. Sourcery

Introducing Sourcery, your dedicated AI pair programmer. Whether you're navigating a new API, optimizing method placement, or generating instant code, Sourcery delivers swift and precise solutions. This cutting-edge tool utilizes AI to automatically refactor Python code, enhancing readability and maintainability. Seamlessly integrated into your IDE, Sourcery is set to launch its open beta later this year, promising to streamline your coding experience, save time, and elevate the quality of your code. Get ready to transform your programming journey with Sourcery – where efficiency meets innovation.


  • Developer-First Approach: Prioritize developers' interests and trust.
  • Enjoyable Work Environment: Foster a positive atmosphere at Sourcery.Cultivate a sense of belonging and celebrate achievements.
  • Collaborative Culture: Emphasize collaboration for shared success and trust.Maintain transparent communication within the Sourcery team.
  • Transparency and Openness: Share information openly to facilitate informed decisions.
  • Code Assistance Services: Offer a range of services such as code questioning, writing, testing, and documentation.
  • Review Support: Assist in reviewing uncommitted code or changes for specific branches.
  • Code Quality Metrics: Provide quantitative insights into code quality.
  • Language Support: Cover more than 160 Python best practices and over 40 JavaScript and TypeScript best practices.

Sourcery is committed to creating an environment where developers thrive, enjoy their work, collaborate effectively, and benefit from a transparent and supportive culture.


Open Source Projects:

  • Free:
  • Feedback on open source code anytime.
  • Free for Open Source projects.
  • Get started at no cost.

For All Projects: $10 per Month:

  • Improve any project with Sourcery.
  • Real-time suggestions in the IDE.
  • Bulk analysis with the Sourcery CLI.
  • Unlimited custom rules.
  • Fully local code analysis.
  • 14-day free trial available.

For Teams: $30 per Month:

  • Per team member pricing.
  • Speed up development with best practices.
  • All Pro features included.
  • Self-hosted CI integration.
  • Pre-commit hook.
  • Centralized billing.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Get started for team collaboration.

16. Codecademy

Codecademy, now under Skillsoft, stands as a prominent American online interactive platform, revolutionizing coding education. Offering free classes in 12 programming languages, including Python, Java, Go, and more, it caters to a diverse audience. The platform goes beyond basics, delving into languages like Swift, C++, and others. Notably, Codecademy's "Pro" option, a premium offering, grants users access to personalized learning plans, quizzes, and practical projects. Rooted in a commitment to diversity, transparency, and continuous improvement, Codecademy, as part of Skillsoft, remains dedicated to empowering and inspiring careers in technology.


  • Diverse Learning Options: Codecademy offers free courses in 12 programming languages and various tech-related topics.
  • Interactive and Beginner-Friendly: The platform provides hands-on, interactive courses suitable for beginners.
  • Wide Language Coverage: Codecademy covers languages such as Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, SQL, Java, and more.
  • Comprehensive Tech Topics: Tech topics include Web Development, Data Science, Computer Science, Web Design, and Cybersecurity.
  • Career Discovery Quiz: A quiz helps users discover suitable careers and courses based on their interests.
  • Flexible Learning Plans: Codecademy offers Basic and Pro plans, with the Pro plan focusing on job readiness.
  • Team Learning with Codecademy for Teams: Codecademy for Teams offers Pro and Teams plans for collaborative learning with interactive lessons.


Basic Plan:

  • Cost: ₹0
  • Description: Always free, basic access to start learning something new.

Plus Plan - Learn a Skill:

  • Cost: ₹750 per month (billed annually) or ₹1,500 billed monthly
  • Description: Build in-demand technical skills for work or personal projects. Includes everything in the Basic plan and more.

Pro Plan - Build a Career:

  • Cost: ₹1,250 per month (billed annually) or ₹2,500 billed monthly
  • Description: Develop skills and experience to land a job in tech. Includes everything in the Plus plan and more.

Pro Student Plan:

  • Discount: Over 35% off regular price
  • Description: Tailored for students to set and achieve learning goals.

Business Plans:

  • Pro Plan for Business:
  • Cost: ₹29,424 per user, per year
  • Description: Develop skills for a tech job.

Teams Plan for Business (Recommended):

  • Cost: ₹24,338 per user, per year
  • Description: Interactive, self-paced technical training for small teams.

Note: All costs are mentioned in Indian Rupees (₹).

Is it Possible to Code with AI Tools?

In the current landscape of technological advancement, the emergence of AI tools has introduced the possibility of automating certain aspects of coding. While it's essential to acknowledge that artificial intelligence (AI) is not a complete substitute for human programmers' creative thinking and problem-solving prowess, it plays a significant role in assisting developers. AI code generators analyze existing code, syntax, and patterns to generate tailored code snippets, effectively expediting the development process. Although AI tools cannot replace the unique skills of human programmers, they serve as valuable collaborators, providing efficient solutions and ideas to enhance the coding experience.

Features to Consider while selecting AI Code Generator

When selecting an AI code generator, several key features should be considered to ensure optimal performance and alignment with specific programming needs. Here are crucial features to evaluate:

1. Intelligent Code Completion:

Look for a code generator that offers intelligent code completion, understanding the context and providing relevant suggestions as you type.

2. Syntax Error Detection:

Ensure that the AI code generator has robust syntax error detection capabilities. It should assist in identifying and rectifying coding errors, contributing to clean and error-free code.

3. Refactoring Support:

Opt for a generator that supports code refactoring. This feature helps in restructuring existing code for improved readability, maintainability, and efficiency.

4. Language Support:

Assess the programming languages supported by the code generator. A versatile tool that covers a broad range of languages ensures flexibility for developers working in diverse environments.

5. Integration with IDEs:

Check if the AI code generator integrates seamlessly with popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). Compatibility with widely used IDEs enhances accessibility and usability.

By evaluating these features, developers can make informed decisions when choosing an AI code generator that aligns with their coding preferences and requirements.

The Future of Coding with AI

The future of coding is intricately tied to the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). AI is reshaping the coding landscape by automating and expediting the code-writing process. Machine learning algorithms, exemplified by tools like GitHub's CoPilot, can autonomously generate code sections based on specific inputs, streamlining the developer's workflow.

AI's transformative impact on coding extends to tools such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, and the forthcoming GPT-5. These tools enable developers to produce reliable and efficient code swiftly by generating code from program descriptions. The integration of AI in coding practices provides developers with a competitive edge in the job market, offering a valuable assistant in code creation.

Despite the strides made by AI in code generation, there remains a distinction between AI-generated code and the inventive problem-solving skills of human coders. Developers are encouraged to embrace AI tools and methodologies as complementary aides rather than replacements, ensuring that they stay at the forefront of technological innovation. This incorporation of AI not only maintains competitiveness in the job market but also facilitates the evolution of coding skills.

For developers, the availability of AI code generators, such as AI code writers and online assistants like ChatGPT, signifies a paradigm shift. Whether seasoned developers seeking intelligent assistance or novices aiming to embark on their coding journey, AI tools democratize access to coding capabilities. This broader integration of no-code solutions and general-purpose coding empowers individuals at all skill levels to translate ideas into fully realized applications, fostering a more inclusive and accessible technological landscape.

How to Use Our AI Code Assistant Copilot.live?

Visit the Website: 

Navigate to the official website of CoPilot.live by clicking on the following link: CoPilot.live.

Initiate Trial:

On the website's homepage, locate and click on the "Try Now" button. This will initiate the trial process.

Sign Up:

You will be prompted to sign up for an account. Provide your email address to create your CoPilot.live account.

Select Your Industry:

After signing up, you'll be directed to select your industry. Choose the industry that aligns with your work or project requirements.

Enter Your Persona:

Provide essential information about yourself and your persona. This step helps CoPilot.live tailor its assistance based on your specific needs.

Complete the Setup:

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process. This may include specifying your role, preferences, or any additional details that enhance the personalization of your CoPilot.live experience.

Start Using CoPilot.live:

Once the setup is complete, you are ready to start using CoPilot.live! Explore the various features and functionalities tailored to your industry and persona.

Access 6 Verticals in 1 Interface:

Take advantage of CoPilot.live's versatile capabilities across real-time data insights, collaboration hub, efficient resource allocation, proactive risk management, knowledge base, documentation, and performance metrics tracking.

Robust Security & Data Privacy:

Rest assured about the security of your data. CoPilot.live ensures robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, and anonymization.

Explore and Optimize:

Dive into the different verticals, experiment with the tools, and optimize your workflow with the assistance of CoPilot.live. Whether you're a developer, support agent, content creator, or designer, CoPilot.live offers tailored solutions for enhanced productivity.

Languages supported in AI Code Generator

AI code generators are designed to support a variety of programming languages, offering developers the flexibility to work with different technologies. The languages supported can vary between different AI code generators. Here are some examples of programming languages commonly supported by AI code generators:


Python is a widely used programming language, and many AI code generators provide support for generating Python code. This includes tasks such as code completion, summarization, and translation.


JavaScript is essential for web development, and AI code generators often support the generation of JavaScript code. This is valuable for creating interactive and dynamic web applications.


Java is known for its portability and is commonly used in enterprise-level applications. AI code generators may assist in generating Java code to streamline development.


C++ is a powerful language used in system programming, game development, and more. AI code generators may support the generation of C++ code for various tasks.


C# is a language developed by Microsoft and is widely used for building Windows applications and web services. AI code generators may provide support for C# code generation.


Ruby is known for its simplicity and productivity, particularly in web development. Some AI code generators may support the generation of Ruby code.


Swift is Apple's programming language for iOS app development. AI code generators may offer support for generating Swift code to aid in iOS application development.


TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, adding static typing to the language. AI code generators may support both JavaScript and TypeScript for frontend and backend development.


PHP is a server-side scripting language widely used in web development. AI code generators may assist in generating PHP code for various tasks.


Go, or Golang, is known for its efficiency and is commonly used in backend development. AI code generators may provide support for generating Go code.

It's important to check the specific documentation of the AI code generator you are using to confirm the languages it supports, as capabilities may vary between different tools.

Why to Select Copilot.live as your Code Generator

Selecting Copilot.live as your code generator offers several compelling reasons and advantages, making it a valuable tool for developers. Here are some key reasons why you might choose Copilot.live:

Guided Personalized Precision:

Copilot.live provides personalized product recommendations and content suggestions by analyzing user preferences and behavior. This leads to enhanced user experiences, improved conversions, and data-driven insights.

Empowering Support:

The tool offers a smart support assistant trained on custom data in near real-time. This results in rapid response times, minimizes errors, and ensures round-the-clock support.

Smart Code Assistance for Faster Development:

Copilot.live delivers swift code generation and essential assistance to developers, making the coding process more efficient. It integrates with multiple development tools, reducing coding errors and increasing productivity.

Effortless Content Creation:

Copilot.live simplifies content creation by generating blogs and various other content with just a few simple inputs and keywords. This saves time and effort in content creation, allowing you to write smarter, not harder.

User-Centric Design Creation:

Design CoPilot, part of Copilot.live, empowers teams to work seamlessly, iterate efficiently, and create AI-driven designs effortlessly. It allows you to craft custom wireframes, create design systems, and coordinate with ease.

Improved Observability and Performance:

Infrastructure CoPilot, another component, seamlessly integrates teams, tools, and data. It provides the capability to observe the entire Full-Stack environment with just a single prompt. This includes monitoring and tracking metrics, visualizing infrastructure and product performance, and optimizing resource utilization.

Maximized Business Productivity:

Copilot.live maximizes business productivity by offering real-time data insights, collaboration hub and asset sharing, efficient resource allocation, proactive risk management, knowledge base and documentation, performance metrics tracking, department-specific CoPilots, and robust security and data privacy.

Versatility Across Industries:

Copilot.live provides access to six verticals in one interface, catering to various industry needs. Whether it's real-time data insights, collaboration, resource allocation, risk management, knowledge base, or performance metrics, Copilot.live covers a range of business requirements.

Easy Onboarding:

Copilot.live offers a user-friendly onboarding process. Users can sign up with their email ID, select their industry, enter persona details, and begin using the tool efficiently.

Customizable AI Insights:

Users can customize AI insights to fulfill departmental requirements with tailored 

precision. This ensures that the tool adapts to specific organizational needs.


AI code generators like OpenAI Codex, Tabnine, CodeT5, and Polycoder streamline coding, saving time and reducing errors. Copilot.live extends AI benefits to content creation, design, and infrastructure management. Choose based on language support, features, use case compatibility, user-friendliness, customization, security, and industry relevance. Embrace AI for efficient, innovative development.


An AI Code Generator is a tool powered by artificial intelligence that assists developers by automatically generating code snippets based on specific requirements, speeding up the coding process.

These generators use machine learning algorithms trained on vast datasets of source code to understand patterns, syntax, and structures. They analyze inputs to generate relevant code snippets.

The supported languages vary, but leading AI code generators like OpenAI Codex and Tabnine offer broad language support, including Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, and more.

AI code generators accelerate coding tasks, reduce errors, and enhance code quality. They automate repetitive coding, promote standardization, and can serve as valuable learning tools.

Yes, AI code generators cater to developers of all levels. They provide assistance to beginners by offering code suggestions, helping them learn syntax, and fostering a deeper understanding of programming.

Security measures vary, but reputable generators prioritize data privacy and encryption. Before usage, it's essential to review the security features of the chosen AI code generator and adhere to best practices for code integrity.

Full documentation in Finsweet's Attributes docs.
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