GitHub Copilot Alternatives

15 Best GitHub Copilot Alternatives to try in 2024 (free and paid)


In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, GitHub has long been the go-to platform for version control and collaborative coding. Acknowledging GitHub's excellence and user-friendly features, this blog post does not aim to disparage the platform but rather to explore alternative options that cater to diverse developer needs.

GitHub's robust code hosting and collaboration capabilities have made it an industry standard, yet its GUI complexity prompts consideration of alternatives. In this context, we present a carefully curated list of Top Source Code Repository Tools as potential replacements for GitHub in 2023. With over 40 million active users and 180 million repositories, GitHub's popularity is undeniable.

However, as technology evolves, developers are increasingly seeking alternatives that offer distinct features, user experiences, and functionalities. This exploration aims to provide developers with a comprehensive overview of GitHub alternatives, showcasing a variety of Source Code Hosting Services, Version Control Systems, and Issue Tracking Systems.

What is GitHub Copilot?

GitHub Copilot is a revolutionary cloud-based artificial intelligence tool jointly developed by GitHub, Microsoft, and OpenAI. Designed to enhance coding efficiency, it seamlessly integrates into popular integrated development environments like Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Neovim, and JetBrains. Acting as an AI pair programmer, GitHub Copilot offers autocomplete-style suggestions to developers, driven by a generative AI model. Users can prompt suggestions either by initiating code or by describing their intent in natural language comments.

Copilot analyzes the context within the current file and related ones, providing real-time suggestions within the text editor. Launched for technical preview on June 29, 2021, this AI coding assistant is available via subscription and excels in languages like Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go. Trained on a diverse range of public repositories, Copilot's suggestions may vary in quality based on the language's representation in available data.

Why to have GitHub Copilot Alternatives?

Diverse Requirements: Developers may have varied needs beyond code completion, such as enhanced collaboration features, specialized tools, or specific integrations that other platforms may offer.

Productivity Enhancement: Exploring alternatives allows developers to discover platforms with additional capabilities to boost productivity, code quality, and collaboration beyond GitHub Copilot's autocomplete suggestions.

Code Quality and Improvement: Alternative tools may provide unique features for code improvement, debugging, and refactoring, offering a more comprehensive set of tools to enhance code quality.

Evaluation of Competencies: Developers often compare competencies of different platforms in areas like evaluation, contracting, integration, deployment, service, support, and specific product capabilities to ensure a well-rounded choice.

User Feedback and Reviews: Checking real reviews and feedback from verified sources, such as Gartner, allows developers to understand how GitHub Copilot compares with competitors and identify potential limitations or advantages.

Concerns About Copyright Violations: Fear or concerns about copyright violations, stemming from the use of generated code, may drive developers to seek alternatives that align better with their legal and ethical considerations.

Technology Behind the Tool: GitHub Copilot relies on OpenAI Codex, powered by GPT-3. Developers might explore alternatives that use different underlying technologies or models based on their preferences or concerns.

Reaction to Initial Releases: Initial enthusiasm and later apprehensions on social media indicate that developers may have varied experiences and opinions, prompting some to seek alternatives based on their evolving perceptions of GitHub Copilot.

In summary, exploring GitHub Copilot alternatives enables developers to tailor their choice to specific needs, preferences, and concerns beyond the capabilities offered by the AI-powered tool.

Best GitHub Copilot Alternatives

Dive into a world of coding efficiency beyond GitHub Copilot with our curated list of the best alternatives. Uncover powerful tools that go beyond autocomplete, elevating collaboration, code quality, and productivity. Whether you seek diverse language support, unique features, or legal peace of mind, these alternatives have you covered in 2024.


Revolutionizing Productivity with Personalized AI AssistanceCoPilot.Live emerges as a game-changer in the realm of AI-powered assistance, seamlessly integrating with diverse Design and Dev tools, WhatsApp, and other platforms. This versatile assistant not only respects users' preferred tools but also ensures a streamlined workflow, allowing for the creation of design files in Figma and Adobe XD effortlessly. Positioned as a personalized AI assistant, CoPilot.Live empowers businesses with quick, precise, and context-aware support, transforming the accessibility and interaction of information for individuals and organizations.Envision a future where a single click yields 10x productivity.

CoPilot.Live is not just a tool; it's a transformative force for businesses, supporting pixelbin, boltic, Fynd Platform, and more, across various verticals and domains. With CoPilot.Live's hyper-personalization capabilities, users experience tailored recommendations, fewer revisions, and faster project completion, thanks to its understanding of unique preferences. This versatile assistant caters to web development, design, coding, WhatsApp, mobile development, and task management, ensuring cross-platform compatibility.

CoPilot.Live excels in content creation, code generation, design assistance, and smart support. It delivers enhanced user experiences, improved conversions, and data-driven insights, marking a paradigm shift in how businesses operate. CoPilot.Live offers personalized precision, creating user-centric designs, monitoring metrics, and optimizing resource utilization. With access to six verticals in one interface, CoPilot.Live redefines productivity, providing real-time data insights, collaboration hubs, efficient resource allocation, proactive risk management, a knowledge base, and department-specific CoPilots.The plans cater to varied needs, from the Welcome Plan offering a free personalized CoPilot to the Standard and Custom Plans, providing multiple CoPilots, datasources, and tailored solutions. Elevate your productivity journey with CoPilot.Live—a paradigm shift in AI-powered assistance.


Empowering Developers with Cutting-edge AI TechnologyCodeium stands as a beacon in the coding landscape, offering developers a modern superpower—a free code acceleration toolkit driven by state-of-the-art AI technology. This versatile assistant caters to the dynamic needs of developers, providing a seamless and lightning-fast AI-powered autocomplete feature supporting over 70 languages. The toolkit is not just an autocomplete tool; it's a comprehensive AI-powered coding assistant embedded in-house with robust models and infrastructure. This ensures a consistent and efficient experience across all preferred Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).Developers can leverage Codeium's diverse features, from rapid code autocompletion to an in-editor AI chat assistant, unlocking unlimited usage and advanced AI search capabilities.

The pricing model caters to various needs, starting with a "Free Forever" plan for individual users, allowing access to essential features at no cost. For teams, the "Teams" plan offers advanced personalization, GPT-4 support, and organization-wide zero-day retention at $12 per seat/month. The "Enterprise" plan provides customized solutions, optional finetuning, and the flexibility of SaaS or self-hosted deployments.Codeium takes data security seriously, ensuring user privacy by never training on user data and being SOC2 Type 2 Compliant. With integration expertise spanning 40+ IDEs, including VSCode and JetBrains, Codeium empowers developers to elevate their coding experience, fostering productivity and efficiency in the ever-evolving realm of software development.


Revolutionizing Coding Efficiency with AI PowerCodeGeeX emerges as a powerful AI assistant designed to elevate the coding experience for developers across various programming languages and IDEs. This innovative tool employs a large-scale multilingual code generation model, boasting a staggering 13 billion parameters and trained on a vast code corpus encompassing over 20 programming languages.

The model's remarkable capabilities include multilingual code generation, facilitating the creation of executable programs in Python, C++, Java, JavaScript, Go, and more.One standout feature is CodeGeeX's crosslingual code translation prowess, enabling seamless transformation of code snippets between different languages with high accuracy. The tool's versatility extends to customizable programming assistance, available as a free extension on the VS Code marketplace.

This extension supports code completion, explanation, summarization, and more, enhancing users' coding experience.CodeGeeX doesn't just stop at code generation; it excels in code completion, automatic comment generation, code translation, and even offers an AI chatbot for instant coding-related queries. Whether it's accelerating daily coding tasks, aiding in codebase comprehension for new developers, or facilitating cross-platform development, CodeGeeX proves to be an invaluable asset. As an open-source tool with additional Pro and Enterprise plans, CodeGeeX is set to redefine how developers approach coding efficiency and innovation.


Transformative AI-Powered Code GenerationAmazon CodeWhisperer, a cutting-edge AI-driven code generator by AWS, reshapes the coding landscape, providing real-time code suggestions in the integrated development environment (IDE). As developers type, CodeWhisperer intuitively generates personalized recommendations, ranging from concise snippets to fully-formed functions, enhancing coding efficiency.

Trained on vast code repositories and understanding natural language comments, it expeditiously suggests entire logical blocks of code, significantly boosting developer productivity.This versatile tool supports 15 programming languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, and integrates seamlessly with popular IDEs like VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, and AWS Cloud9. CodeWhisperer stands out in optimizing code suggestions for AWS APIs, aligning with services such as Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3. Additionally, it includes a robust security component with built-in scans to detect and suggest fixes for elusive vulnerabilities in Java, JavaScript, and Python projects.CodeWhisperer ensures responsible coding practices with a reference tracker for open-source code, allowing developers to review and incorporate suggestions while being mindful of licensing and attribution.

The service offers both a free Individual Tier, empowering individual developers with unlimited code suggestions and reference tracking, and a Professional Tier, catering to organizational needs with administrative capabilities and customization options. Amazon CodeWhisperer emerges as a revolutionary force, ushering in a new era of AI-driven coding excellence.


Your AI Coding Assistant for Enhanced ProductivityTabnine stands as a revolutionary AI coding assistant that empowers developers to achieve unparalleled efficiency and proficiency. This versatile tool provides real-time code completions, chat-based interactions, and code generation across various programming languages and integrated development environments (IDEs). Tabnine respects your code's integrity, offering private, personalized, and protected AI assistance.Trusted by millions of developers worldwide, Tabnine has garnered praise for its impact on code consistency, faster code reviews, and improved productivity.

It adapts to your coding standards, context, and company norms, ensuring tailored recommendations that fit seamlessly into your workflow. With its enterprise-grade security measures, Tabnine excels in safeguarding your codebase while delivering optimal performance.Tabnine's capabilities extend beyond mere code completion. It enables developers to generate, test, and document code through AI chat agents directly in the IDE. For enterprise users, Tabnine offers a fully private platform with self-hosting options, admin tools for policy management, and reference tracking for enhanced transparency. Whether you're an individual developer or part of a large team, Tabnine is designed to elevate your software development experience, allowing you to focus on delivering innovative features and capabilities effortlessly.


Transforming Coding ParadigmsBlackboxAI, a powerful Visual Studio Code extension, redefines the coding experience with AI-driven Code Autocomplete and Code Chat, seamlessly integrating into existing workflows. Boasting an array of features, it introduces revolutionary advancements to accelerate coding tasks. The Code Chat feature enables real-time interaction, allowing developers to pose coding queries and receive instant responses. Code Autocomplete, spanning 20+ languages, including Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, and Ruby, enhances coding speed and accuracy.

The AI Commit streamlines version control, generating commit messages effortlessly. In-editor code generation becomes intuitive with the 'Blackbox Generate Code' option, providing multi-line suggestions based on existing code or comments. The DIFF View empowers developers to track local project changes efficiently.Black Box AI, functioning as a coding Large Language Model (LLM), aspires to make engineers 10X faster in product development, fostering innovation within companies and projecting global software engineer growth from ~100 million to 1 billion.

Addressing challenges associated with black box models, Blackbox AI prioritizes transparency, flexibility, and accountability, ensuring a secure and efficient coding environment.

Captain Stack

An Open-Source Coding CompanionCaptain Stack emerges as a noteworthy alternative to GitHub Copilot, offering a unique approach to code suggestion within the Visual Studio Code (VSCode) environment. As a VSCode extension, Captain Stack simplifies usage by allowing developers to find code snippets directly from their editor, leveraging the vast knowledge base of StackOverflow.

The installation process is straightforward, requiring the user to download the repository, open it in VSCode Insider, and run the extension, ensuring compatibility with the latest non-stable VSCode version. By typing "//find {your keyword}" in the editor, developers can trigger inline completion, prompting Captain Stack to fetch relevant code suggestions from Google and StackOverflow.While GitHub Copilot relies on AI for code generation, Captain Stack takes a distinct approach by utilizing search queries and external sources. The extension acknowledges multiple code sources beyond StackOverflow and comes with certain limitations related to fetching and data extraction methods. Despite its unique methodology, Captain Stack positions itself as a valuable tool for developers seeking code suggestions within the familiar VSCode environment.

The platform is continuously evolving, with a dedicated community of contributors ensuring its adaptability and functionality. Through its innovative use of existing resources, Captain Stack strives to enhance the coding experience and serve as a collaborative coding companion for developers.

GPT-Code-Clippy (GPT-CC)

An Open-Source Coding CompanionGPT-Code-Clippy (GPT-CC) is a collaborative initiative to develop an open-source alternative to GitHub Copilot, leveraging the power of GPT-3-based language model, GPT-Codex. The project focuses on fine-tuning the GPT-Neo model on the GPT Code Clippy dataset, meticulously curated from publicly available code repositories on GitHub.

This initiative aims to provide researchers with a valuable resource to explore and understand the capabilities and limitations of large deep learning models trained specifically on code.Key contributions of GPT-CC include a self-curated open-source dataset named Code Clippy Data, an openly accessible codebase, and a model base with associated model cards. The GPT-Neo model serves as the foundation, pre-trained on the Pile dataset, with fine-tuning facilitated through the Causal Language Modelling objective. The resulting GPT-CC offers features such as autocompletion, AI-powered code suggestions, and code generation within the Visual Studio Code (VSCode) environment.

The training process involved using Huggingface's Transformers library and Flax API, fine-tuning the model on diverse code datasets, including the self-curated GPT Code Clippy dataset. The project emphasizes ongoing enhancements, with future goals including pre training the model from scratch, experimenting with GPT-J, expanding language capabilities, devising a custom loss function, and staying updated with programming language versions. GPT-CC is not just an open-source alternative to GitHub Copilot; it aspires to match its performance and user-friendly experience while continuously evolving to meet the dynamic needs of the coding community.

Second Mate

A Compact GitHub Copilot Alternative for EmacsSecond Mate emerges as an open-source emulation of GitHub Copilot, employing EleutherAI GPT-Neo-2.7B from the Huggingface Model Hub, tailored for the Emacs text editor. While notably smaller in scale, utilizing the aforementioned model, it provides a cost-free alternative for those desiring GitHub Copilot functionalities within the Emacs environment.

The setup involves configuring the backend with Flask, adjusting the device to "cpu" or "cuda" in serve/server.py, and launching the Flask app to enable REST API interactions with the GPT-Neo model.Despite its reduced scale, Second Mate presents an intriguing option for users seeking GitHub Copilot features specifically within the Emacs framework. While it may not match the effectiveness of larger alternatives, it offers a free and accessible solution. Notably, users can experiment and engage with the tool directly on Emacs, making it a viable option for those favoring this text editor.

This GitHub Copilot alternative is positioned as a minimalist, Emacs-centric tool, aligning with the principles of open-source development and offering an alternative for users looking to integrate AI-assisted coding into their Emacs workflow.


Microsoft's AI-Powered Code Completion AssistantIntelliCode, a Microsoft product, stands as an experimental AI coding assistant designed to enhance the traditional Intellisense code-completion functionality within Visual Studio. Exclusive to Microsoft's development environment, IntelliCode harnesses the power of machine learning and AI to provide more accurate and contextually relevant suggestions for code completion. It analyzes developers' code contexts, including variable names, functions, and code types, offering precise API call suggestions based on their likely usage.

One standout feature is team completion, particularly advantageous for organizations with a Microsoft-centric architecture and developers accustomed to Visual Studio, especially in the era of remote work. Notably, IntelliCode is free and comes integrated with Visual Studio through its installer app, extending its accessibility.Additionally, the Visual Studio IntelliCode extension caters to Python, TypeScript/JavaScript, and Java developers in Visual Studio Code, offering AI-assisted development features. It includes features like AI-enhanced IntelliSense, whole-line completions, and insights derived from code context understanding combined with machine learning.

IntelliCode's evolving capabilities underscore Microsoft's commitment to improving code-completion functionalities, providing developers with a tool that not only saves time but also enhances code quality and collaboration within development teams.

Google ML-enhanced code completion

Google Advances Developer Productivity with ML-Enhanced Code CompletionGoogle has unveiled a cutting-edge Machine Learning (ML)-enhanced code completion system, marking a significant leap in developer productivity. The technology, a result of a two-year collaboration among Google Core, Google Brain, and Google Research, combines ML with semantic engines to create a Transformer-based hybrid semantic ML code completion. Unlike conventional rule-based or semantic-based code completion systems, this transformative approach employs a single model trained on eight languages, including C++, Java, Python, and more.

The architecture comprises a transformer for predicting code based on the repository and a semantic engine for verifying the feasibility of suggestions within language grammar and rules. This hybrid solution demonstrated a 6% reduction in coding iteration time for over 10,000 Google developers, showcasing its impact on efficiency. Google's ML code completion initiative not only marks a step forward in code complexity mitigation but also distinguishes itself by leveraging the strengths of transformer models and semantic engines, setting a new standard in intelligent code suggestion systems.

Although currently exclusive to Google's internal developers, the prospect of broader availability hints at a potential game-changer for the broader developer community.


Elevating Vim Coding Experience with Intelligent AssistanceYouCompleteMe (YCM) stands as a formidable code-completion engine tailored for Vim users, enriching their coding experience with intelligent assistance. Supporting an array of languages, including C/C++, Python, Java, and more, YCM enhances Vim's capabilities in code navigation and completion.

Operating with the Jedi engine, YCM relies on a .ycm_extra_conf.py Python script for project-wide settings, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to various coding scenarios.Known for its compatibility with diverse languages and its ability to seamlessly integrate with Vim, YCM offers a versatile solution for developers seeking efficient and accurate code suggestions. Beyond completion, YCM provides syntax checking and supports customization through the extra conf file. It brings convenience to developers working on projects with different language standards, enabling them to configure settings dynamically.

With YCM, Vim users can benefit from a fast, fuzzy-search code completion engine, creating a productive and streamlined coding environment. As an essential tool for Vim enthusiasts, YouCompleteMe continues to be a preferred choice for those seeking an intelligent and responsive coding assistant within their favorite text editor.


Pioneering Innovation and Excellence in Technology SolutionsFrom 2014 to 2021, Kite soared as a startup leveraging the power of AI to assist developers in code creation. However, the evolution of Kite didn't stop there. In 2020, KITE-Ai Technologies Pvt. Ltd. emerged as a holistic technology company, transcending traditional boundaries. Serving as a unified platform, KITE-Ai caters to a myriad of industries, offering forward-thinking, cost-efficient, and dependable solutions in Data Science, Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.Distinguished by a rich history and a team with over 200 years of collective experience, KITE-Ai extends its prowess into Clinical Research, providing services in Clinical Data Management, Biostatistics, and Statistical Programming.

The company's dedication to excellence is evident in its efficient Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and adherence to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).Beyond the realms of technology, KITE-Ai Technologies is a transformative force in deep tech. Specializing in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Generative AI, Kite focuses on delivering substantial impact in complex use cases across manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare sectors. With a commitment to innovation and a diverse range of services, KITE-Ai Technologies Pvt. Ltd. stands as a beacon of transformative excellence in the technology landscape.


Transforming Code Development with Advanced AI SecurityDeepCode, the driving force behind Snyk Code, stands out as a revolutionary AI-powered platform that redefines secure code development. Leveraging purpose-built AI for secure development, DeepCode AI, embedded within the Snyk platform, sets itself apart with its multi-model architecture. Trained on security-specific data and curated by top-tier security researchers, DeepCode AI ensures both speed and accuracy in static application security testing (SAST).

What makes DeepCode exceptional is its focus on security, with 25 million data flow cases, support for 11 languages, and an array of AI models. Developers benefit from one-click security fixes and comprehensive application coverage, striking a balance between productivity and security.In a landscape where trust is paramount, DeepCode AI differentiates itself by being built and refined solely by top-tier researchers, utilizing training data from millions of open-source projects, never compromising customer data. The hybrid AI approach of DeepCode, combining symbolic and generative AI, ensures unmatched scanning accuracy without succumbing to the limitations or hallucinations associated with single-model AI.

With DeepCode AI Fix, the platform doesn't just identify vulnerabilities but also ensures that suggested fixes are thoroughly scanned, enhancing developer velocity without compromising code integrity. Simplifying rules creation through DeepCode AI Search, developers can write queries with autocomplete, tapping into the hybrid AI for instant code matches. DeepCode emerges not just as an AI tool but as a transformative entity in securing code for the AI era, embodying precision, insight, and reliability.

Replit Ghostwriter

Elevating Coding with AI-Powered AssistanceReplit Ghostwriter emerges as a groundbreaking AI-powered programming assistant, seamlessly integrated into Replit's online IDE, offering an array of features to enhance the coding experience. Aimed at boosting productivity and creativity, Ghostwriter automates repetitive coding tasks, enabling developers to focus on transforming their creative visions into reality.

Key features include an AI-powered code completion that provides in-line suggestions based on the existing code, expediting the coding process. Ghostwriter's ability to generate code from natural language prompts opens doors to experimenting with new APIs, constructing web servers, or building complete GUIs effortlessly. It also facilitates code refactoring, allowing developers to modernize or convert code between languages efficiently.Ghostwriter goes beyond conventional code assistance with its proactive debugging, code context awareness, and the innovative Replit AI Chat, allowing developers to interact with the AI code generator directly within the IDE. With an average response time of 500ms, Ghostwriter is optimized for speed, ensuring a seamless coding experience.

Developers can delve into the future of coding with Replit Ghostwriter, experiencing a shift in their coding paradigm. As a valuable supplement to existing knowledge, Ghostwriter acts as a reliable automated assistant, reducing the time spent on code exploration and assistance-seeking, ultimately streamlining the development workflow.


Redefining Shopping and Payments with ConvenienceTabby stands at the forefront of reshaping how people approach shopping and payments, introducing a seamless and innovative experience for consumers and businesses alike. This financial freedom platform enables users to make purchases and split payments into four interest-free installments, both online and in-store, through its Shariah-compliant system.With the Tabby app, users can embrace the new normal of shopping by enjoying the flexibility of paying later without any interest or fees. The app's unique Pay in 4 feature allows users to split their purchases conveniently, enhancing their shopping experience.

Tabby's commitment to trust is reflected in its promise of no extra charges when payments are made on time, ensuring a transparent and hassle-free process.Tabby's impact extends beyond individual users to businesses, providing a tool that removes price barriers, increases average order value, and expands customer bases. Over 30,000 global brands and small businesses, including industry giants like SHEIN, Amazon, Adidas, IKEA, H&M, Samsung, and noon, leverage Tabby's technology to offer flexible payments and accelerate growth.Valued at $660 million in its latest funding round, Tabby is not just a payments platform but a catalyst for financial empowerment.

Its widespread adoption, with more than 10 million users, showcases its influence in providing a tailored financial solution that resonates with modern consumer needs.


Elevating Developer Productivity with AI PrecisionRevolutionizing the landscape of software development, Bito emerges as the go-to AI assistant for developers seeking unparalleled efficiency. Utilizing state-of-the-art AI models, including ChatGPT from OpenAI and Anthropic, Bito seamlessly integrates into developers' IDEs and Chrome browsers, offering instant access to a personalized AI assistant.

What sets Bito apart is its ability to understand and enhance code like never before. By securely indexing developers' code with a single click and storing it locally, Bito ensures data privacy and prioritizes security. Developers can leverage Bito's advanced AI capabilities to generate high-quality code suggestions, making the drudgery of development work a thing of the past.

Testimonials from industry leaders, such as Prashant Mahajan, Co-founder & CTO of Privado, attest to Bito's transformative impact. With features like line or block completion, comment-driven coding, and support for over 35 programming languages, Bito caters to diverse developer needs. The AI assistant empowers developers to write code faster, understand syntax effortlessly, and significantly reduce the time spent on mundane tasks.

Trusted by over 100,000 developers at leading companies worldwide, Bito stands as the highest-rated AI app, ranked #3 on Product Hunt's Product of the Week. Developers using Bito report a remarkable 31% increase in productivity, underscoring its role as a game-changing tool that accelerates software development with the power of AI.


Revolutionizing Workflows with Personalized AI AssistanceCody emerges as a cutting-edge AI assistant, akin to ChatGPT, but with a unique twist that empowers users to tailor its capabilities to their specific business needs. Offering a dynamic approach to support teams, Cody can be trained on the intricacies of a business, its processes, team dynamics, and even client interactions, creating a truly personalized AI experience.

What sets Cody apart is its ability to provide instant answers without relying on keyword searches, avoiding regurgitated responses, and eliminating the need to provide context repeatedly. Cody's prowess extends beyond conventional AI assistants by allowing users to upload diverse data types, from presentations to PDFs, and even crawling entire websites. This data forms a knowledge base that Cody leverages to craft intelligent and context-aware responses.Cody seamlessly integrates into daily workflows, boosting employee efficiency with quick answers, idea generation, and ready-made work. It serves as a troubleshooter, aiding in problem resolution and supporting users in making the most of digital tools. With a user-friendly interface, Cody's natural language search and AI-powered chat facilitate seamless interactions, while its integration with various tools ensures compatibility with users' favorite applications.

Trusted by over 100,000 businesses, Cody strikes the perfect balance between advanced data defense, customizable access controls, and an unwavering commitment to security. Whether opting for the free plan or exploring the premium and advanced options, Cody's versatility and adaptability make it a game-changing AI companion for businesses and development teams alike.

Why Choose Copilot.live instead of GitHub Copilot ?

Access 6 Verticals in 1 Interface: CoPilot.Live offers a unified interface that seamlessly integrates across six verticals, providing real-time data insights, collaboration hub, efficient resource allocation, proactive risk management, knowledge base, and performance metrics tracking. This multifaceted approach ensures a comprehensive solution tailored to diverse business needs.

Hyper-personalization with Datasource Sync: CoPilot.Live's ability to be trained on datasources and Large Language Models (LLM) enables hyper-personalized assistance. It understands individual preferences, resulting in tailored recommendations, fewer revisions, and faster project completion.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: CoPilot.Live ensures cross-platform compatibility by seamlessly integrating with various design tools, development tools, WhatsApp, and other platforms. Users can maintain a consistent workflow by working with their preferred tools.

CoPilot Skills Library: Elevate performance with CoPilot's extensive skills library. Choose from pre-built system skills for common tasks or create custom skills to meet unique requirements. This feature enhances user interaction and ensures efficiency in addressing diverse needs.

Guiding Your Journey with Personalized Precision: CoPilot.Live goes beyond conventional AI assistance by delivering personalized product recommendations and content suggestions. By analyzing user preferences and behavior, it enhances the user experience, improves conversions, and provides data-driven insights.

Enhanced Support and Fast, Accurate Responses: CoPilot.Live acts as a smart support assistant, enhancing response time, minimizing errors, and ensuring round-the-clock support. Trained on custom data in near real-time, it significantly contributes to efficient customer service.

Develop Faster with Smart Code Assistance: CoPilot.Live excels in providing swift code generation and essential assistance to developers. It seamlessly integrates with multiple development tools, reducing coding errors, increasing productivity, and expediting the development process.

Content Creation Simplified: CoPilot.Live streamlines content creation with its ability to generate blogs and various content types effortlessly. With minimal inputs and keywords, users can boost productivity and gain real-time insights.

Improved Observability, Improved Performance: Infrastructure CoPilot ensures improved observability by seamlessly integrating teams, tools, and data. With a single prompt, users can monitor and track metrics, visualize infrastructure and product performance, and optimize resource utilization.

Robust Security & Data Privacy: CoPilot.Live prioritizes data security with encryption, access controls, and robust privacy measures, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected.

In summary, CoPilot.Live stands out as a versatile, hyper-personalized, and feature-rich AI assistant, offering a holistic solution across various verticals, making it a compelling choice for businesses seeking comprehensive AI support.

How to use Copilot.live?

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Versatile assistant seamlessly integrating with Design tools, Dev tools, WhatsApp, and other platforms to maintain a consistent workflow.

Hyper-Personalization with Datasource Sync: CoPilot's ability to be trained on datasources and LLM models provides hyper-personalized assistance, creating tailored recommendations based on user preferences.Create Tailored Recommendations: Generate personalized suggestions and recommendations aligned with individual user needs.Experience Fewer Revisions: CoPilot.Live aids in faster project completion by reducing the need for revisions.Create and Customize Templates: Customize project templates according to unique requirements, enhancing efficiency and consistency.CoPilot Skills: Choose from a library of system skills or create custom skills tailored to unique needs, enhancing user interaction.Swiftly Boost App Intelligence: Enhance app intelligence with pre-built system skills, ensuring faster development and increased productivity.Install System Skills Easily: Simple click-through flow to install system skills, making it user-friendly and accessible.Use Custom Skills for Personalized Interaction: Leverage custom skills for personalized, real-time interaction, tailoring the experience to specific requirements.Personalized Product Recommendations: Deliver personalized product recommendations and content suggestions by analyzing user preferences and behavior.


In conclusion, the landscape of AI-powered assistants in 2024 presents a dynamic array of options beyond GitHub Copilot, catering to diverse needs and preferences. CoPilot.Live emerges as a promising alternative, standing out with its versatility and seamless integration across web development, design, coding, and even task management. Its cross-platform compatibility, hyper-personalization capabilities, and robust skill library contribute to a transformative experience, enhancing productivity across various domains.On the other hand, GitHub Copilot X holds potential with its futuristic features, including chat and voice interfaces, support for pull requests, answering questions on documentation, and adopting the advanced GPT-4 model. This evolution signifies a significant leap in code generation and collaboration, promising developers a more intuitive and efficient coding experience.As the industry progresses, the competition among these AI assistants continues to drive innovation, ultimately benefiting users by offering advanced tools that cater to the evolving demands of the technological landscape


While GitHub Copilot is a powerful tool, exploring alternatives can provide a diverse range of features, pricing models, and compatibility, catering to different preferences and needs.

CoPilot.Live offers a personalized AI assistant with features like hyper-personalization, cross-platform compatibility, and a versatile skill library, providing tailored solutions across various verticals.

GitHub Copilot X introduces chat and voice interfaces, pull request support, answering documentation queries, and adopts OpenAI's GPT-4 model for more accurate and helpful suggestions.

CoPilot.Live seamlessly integrates with design tools, dev tools, and messaging platforms, providing a unified workflow. It enhances productivity by offering AI-powered assistance in tasks like code generation, design, and project management.

CoPilot.Live ensures robust security with encryption, access controls, and anonymization techniques, prioritizing data privacy and protection.

GitHub Copilot X aims to revolutionize code writing with natural language interfaces, pull request support, and GPT-4 capabilities, promising improved collaboration, efficiency, and code quality.

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